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Play Deuces Wild with 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 1, 5, 10 and 25 coins for Real at Casino Euro!!!

Rules for Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild follows conventional poker rules concerning how hands are formed, with one exception: All deuces(2:s) are "wild", which means that they are counted as the most favorable card. For example a deuce can be used to complete a straigh or a flush, to improve a three of a kind to a four of a kind etc.

Special Hands

Apart from the regular hands(three of a kind,straight,flush,full house,four of a kind, straight flush) there are some special hands in Deuces Wild:

Five of a kind
All five cards are either the same value, or a deuce.
Royal flush with deuces
A royal straight flush with at least one deuce used to complete it.
Four deuces
All the four deuces
Natural royal flush
Royal straight flush without using any deuces.

How to play

Click on the RAISE BET or LOWER BET buttons to set your bet between 1 to 5 coins. The highlighted paytable column corresponds to your bet.

Click DEAL to deal the first hand. Cards that are part of a winning hand are automatically held. You can click the cards you would like to hold or click the corresponding HOLD buttons. You may also unselect a selected card by clicking it or its holdbutton. Once you have chosen the cards you would like to hold, click the DEAL button again to deal the second hand. Winnings are determined by your final hand and are listed in the highlighted column of the paytable.

Double Up

If the Double Up feature is enabled, you have the chance to double your winning.

Each time you get a winning hand, you have the opportunity to bet all or half of your winning in a Double Up game.

Five cards are shown, the first face up and the other four face down. Choose one of the four face down cards. If it is higher than the first card, you will double the part of your winning that you wagered. If not, the money is lost. In case of a tie you keep the money.

You can keep doubling as long as you keep winning.