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Free Video Poker Game - Jacks or Better

The classic video poker game

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Play Jacks or Better with €0.10, €0.20, €0.50, €1, €5, €10 and €25 coins for Real at Casino Euro!!!

Rules for Jacks or Better

Game rules

This is the standard "Jacks or Better" poker game. Each game is played with a new deck. The "Double-up" feature (see below) is also played with a new deck.

Click on the arrow keys to place your bet between 1 - 5 coins. View the highlighted paytable column that corresponds to your bet.

Click START to deal the first hand. Click on the cards you would like to hold. You may deselect any card by clicking it again. Once you have chosen the cards you would like to hold, click the START button again to deal the second hand. Winnings are determined by your final hand and are listed in the highlighted column of the paytable.

"Double Up" Feature

There is also a chance to double your winnings with the Double Up feature. If you have won the poker hand, the START and ? buttons will change to YES and NO. You will be asked if you would like to Double Up. By clicking NO, you collect your winnings, they are added to your cash and the game continues. By clicking YES, you will be switched over to a classic game of draw. This game is played for "all or nothing". Five cards will be shown, with the dealer drawing the first card. You choose from one of the four remaining cards. If your card is higher than the one chosen by the dealer, your winnings are doubled. It is considered a "push" if both you and the dealer choose the same card. In which case, your winnings remain the same and you may choose to continue the Double Up game or return to poker. Aces are equal to 14 (the highest possible card) in the Double Up feature.

You may continue the Double Up game as long as you continue to win, and the winnings will always be doubled. However, if you should lose, everything you have won in this game including the poker hand will be taken away and you will automatically return to the poker game once again.