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Rules for Roulette

Game rules

This is the single zero roulette.

Choose your chip value either by clicking on the arrow keys or directly on the appropriate chip. With your chip value chosen, click on the area of the roulette table you are interested in placing a bet. More than one click in the same area means an additional chip for each click in that area. You can pick up chips by right-clicking the mouse. Each right-click removes one chip.

The maximum bet on the table in a single round is $500. The maximum bet for the different kinds of bets are:
SPLIT : $20
CORNER : $40
THE REST : $500

Move the cursor over the table to view the various payouts. As you move the cursor around, the payouts are displayed in the area above the roulette table.

Click SPIN to spin the roulette wheel.

Once the wheel has stopped spinning, the winning number will be displayed in the upper left-hand corner above the chips. You can click SAME BET to mark the same numbers as the previous game or place new or additional chips on the table and spin again. To clear the table of all bets, click DISCARD ALL.

The amount you have won will be shown below the roulette table. These winnings are determined by bets placed and the odds related to their placement on the roulette table.