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Omaha Poker is a poker game similar like Texas Holdem. The big difference is that players are dealt 9 cards instead of 7 cards. The more cards the more possibilities. Therefore, the popularity of this poker game.

Omaha Rules

Omaha Poker is a game where every player is dealt four cards face down. On the table five community cards are being placed face down. The first betting round starts after every player received their cards. In the second betting round three community (table) cards are turned over. In the third betting round the dealer turns over the final card on the table. The players each try to make a poker hand from 2 out of their 4 own cards and 3 out of the 5 cards on the table. The best five-card poker hand wins the poker pot.

Omaha Hi/Lo - Omaha 8 or Better

The difference with regular Omaha Poker is that the pot is split between the high hand and the low hand. The high hand is the best poker hand. For the low hand the player needs to qualify first. The poker hand with different numerical values in his poker hand from Ace (lowest) through 8 qualifies. If 2 or more players qualify for the low hand, the lowest card wins half of the poker pot.

Poker Rooms

More and more online casinos offer a poker room next to their casino games. The best poker rooms however are the poker sites that specialize in poker only. See our poker gambling overview for our complete list of the top online poker rooms. Below we list the top three poker rooms to play a game of online Omaha Poker.

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Ignition Poker (US, AUS only)

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Betsson Poker (no US)

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